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I-CARE Director (Care Coordinator)

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Partner with Charity

Charity St.Clair - I-C.A.R.E. Director (Advocacy, Mentorship & Case Management)

In 2013, I spent a couple of weeks with Rescue 1 Global. All I knew was that their mission was to love on victims of sex trafficking and mobilize the local church to do the same. I soon learned that their ministry vision was much bigger than that. In my short time with them, I experienced a community of believers from multiple local churches coming together to advocate on the behalf of sex trafficking victims. I got to look these hurting souls in the eye. I got to serve them. I was reminded of Jesus' exhortation to invest ourselves in "the least of these". While I can't go into detail for safety reasons, I can tell you this: I had never been a part of such a practical and (dare I say) trendy outreach. This ministry wasn't just talking about human trafficking and the spiritual darkness behind it and the church's responsibility to combat it…they were doing something about it! That stuck with me…

Four years later, God moved me forward to join Rescue 1 Global full-time.

With a background in Criminal Justice, I have seen people at their worst. I have experienced the daily challenges that law enforcement and correctional officers face. I have worked in group homes with children whose only family concept is the foster care system. Overseas, I have witnessed human trafficking and the role that poverty and a lack of education play in it. Here in the U.S, I have met hundreds of believers who desire to join the fight against sex trafficking but don't know where to start. Rescue 1 Global branches out into each of these areas, and you can be a part of it. I am currently building my support team, and there's a place for you. My ministry partners are as important as me out in the field. Through your prayers and financial support, you are not only making a tremendous investment in your own Heavenly bankroll- -you are being the hands and feet of Jesus to vulnerable and exploited people today. Through my personal contact with them, you can say that you have an active investment in ministering to victims of sex trafficking. Won't you join me?

It's also possible that God wants you to commit on a deeper level…do you have gifts that He could use within Rescue 1 Global? I firmly believe that some are called to give of their resources, and others are called to give of themselves. If God is calling you as He called me- -to work directly in a ministry whose vision is to fulfill the Great Commission among sex trafficking victims and vulnerable populations- - spend some time on our website and pray about it. Contact our team.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

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