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Director of Programs, Counseling, & Therapy

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Partner with Beth Walser!

Beth does a amazing job as our Director of Programs, Counseling, & Therapy. In high school, Beth watched a Lifetime documentary on human trafficking. When asked about what it was like to watch the documentary Beth said, "I was shocked and dismayed to see this horrible injustice play out on the screen in front of me." Immediately Beth set out to educate herself about human trafficking and to better understand the severity of the problem. Much to her dismay she was shrugged off and told that "that type" of thing does not happen in the US. Undeterred she decided to do her own research and found that everything she had seen in the documentary was true, yet, in reality, the problem was so much more than what could be portrayed in 2 hours. As Beth thought about her college years she recounted, "I chose to study Psychology in college to hopefully one day work with human trafficking survivors. I attended Welch College and majored in Psychology and Bible. During my Master's program at Trevecca Nazarene University, I did an internship at the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter. I remember coming home and crying over their stories and wanting so badly to help them more than just being a listening ear." In August 2013, Beth received her Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy. With her husband, Chris, she wants to teach her son the importance of fighting for injustice and to not just turn his back on those in need. As Beth continued to educate herself she came across Rescue 1 Global. "One thing I love about R1G, is the ability to 'get my hands dirty' and really feel like I am being used to make a difference. It is an honor and privilege to work with R1G. It's my hope to help as many victims as possible because together we can do more. Click below to support Beth as she works alongside the Rescue 1 team.